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A Commitment to a Higher Standard

Pip Gresham began making Suicide Bunny premium e-liquids in 2013 with the original goal of helping her husband quit smoking. After seeing his successful transition from cigarettes to vaping, her mission grew to saving as many lives as possible by giving vapers a superior premium e-liquid and creating a better, overall vaping experience. With carefully-selected, quality ingredients, child resistant droppers, and thirteen flavors, Suicide Bunny e-liquids are designed to help reduce the health hazards associated with smoking cigarettes.

A Symbol of Quality

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Committing to Quitting

Suicide Bunny e-liquids are born of imagination and attention to detail to create layered, complex flavors to provide a rich, smooth taste experience. Our wide range of premium e-liquids offer a unique and unbeatable vaping experience. Our droppers are child-resistant and easy to use, allowing for a smooth transition from buying cigarettes to vaping. Quitting cigarettes in favor of e-liquids can help you gradually eliminate your dependence on nicotine, while cutting back on the risk of respiratory illnesses.

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